Pacific Oaks offers a wide range of dermatological and cosmetic services to our patients. We understand the importance of maintaining a healthy, natural-looking, clear complexion. Whether you are simply looking to refreshen your complexion with a chemical peel, smooth out your wrinkles with Botox or correct HIV associated facial lypoatrophy, our trained specialist will make you look and feel rejuvenated.

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Dermatological and Cosmetic Treatments Pacific Oaks Currently Offers Include:

Cosmetic Fillers Chemical Peels
Botox and Dysport Intralesional Injections


Chemical skin peels remove damaged outer layers of skin on the face, neck, chest and hands to smooth texture, reduce scarring, diminish wrinkles, and remove blemishes or pre-cancerous growths to produce healthy, glowing natural skin.
Our chemical peels are performed using TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid), producing excellent results after only one treatment. Keep in mind that depending on your skin type, post peel healing may take up to 7 days.
Remember that it is vital that you follow strict adherence to a sun protection program to maintain your results and prevent unwanted pigment changes.


Intralesional injections are the direct placement of a medication into a problem skin area through a very fine needle. Most often, a dilute solution of triamcinalone (Kenalog) is used. Various types of dermatological disorders are treated with intralesional injections. This modality can often yield faster results over topical medications due to direct placement of the medication into the problem area. The skin also serves as a reservoir, allowing medication deposited in the dermis to be delivered over a period of time, resulting in prolonged therapy while avoiding or minimizing the adverse effects of systemic therapy.
Conditions typically treated with injections are:

Inflamed acne cysts Psoriasis
Hypertrophic lichen planus Scars
Granuloma annulare Keloids
Alopecia areata (male pattern baldness) Chronic cutaneous lupus erythematosis

Pacific Oaks is participating in the RADIESSE Patient Access Program, which provides broad access for those patients who qualify for assistance.

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Botox Dysport Juvederm

Radiesse Restylane
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